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TSO Tests

NPTC can assist you with your TSO testing.

 We are prepared to provide as much assistance as you desire, to include the complete tests required under PIA TS 135, the new TSO C23e, or the older  AS 8015B, TSO C23d standard.

 Or we can limit our assistance to providing a safe, unobstructed Drop Zone with Parachute and Parachute Test Vehicle retrieval, while your personnel conduct the tests.

 We can do is little or as much as you require.

 We are prepared to provide the aircraft or you may use your aircraft with prior coordination.


Lab Tests

Many of the systems we test require Laboratory Testing.To this end, NPTC maintains a selection of certified load cells, scales,  accelerometers and recording systems.

We would be pleased to quote any laboratory testing you require.


Product Development

NPTC has a 25 year history of Product Development.

While the majority of the work has been with Parachutes, we have also developed products for Bungee and Air Bags.

We developed an in-flight, low G, engagement system for capturing descending payloads. We captured a 400 pound payload with a Cessna 180 and flew it back to the airport for a soft landing. At no time did the G load exceeds 3.

We developed a Theatrical Cargo System to drop an Icehouse Beer Truck for Miller Brewing.

So you can see NPTC does not shy away from the unusual.

We are presently developing, for one of our clients, a GPS guided system for both cargo and personnel.

We would be delighted to discuss your Product and its development.

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The National Parachute Test Center is a full-service Parachute Loft. We maintain a full suite of sewing machines including a 42 Stitch, center start Military Style, Bar-Tack.

Our library includes the manuals of most of the parachutes in use today, including those used by the military.

The loft is supervised by an FAA Master Rigger with over 50 years experience.

We maintain over 200 parachutes for NPTC, it Students and Customers. These range in size from 5 foot Drogues to the 64 foot G-11.

We would welcome quoting any of your Parachute Rigging needs