Located at the National Parachute Test Center, (NPTC) in Dunnellon, Florida, X35 Airborne School conducts training on military parachute systems. We have been in this business since 1988.

We also boast a highly skilled cadre of Parachute Instructors and Jump Masters.  Our private facility includes a full parachute loft, with FAA Master and Senior Riggers on call.

Many groups, both Civilian and Military, have trained their personnel here before venturing out to setup their own training facilities

At various times throughout the year, X35 Airborne School operates Primary Airborne Courses and Refreshers for those wishing to become qualified or stay current on Airborne equipment. These events usually include a large Aircraft eg, C-47 or CASA. Any jumpers wishing to come and enjoy the camaraderie of jumping and spending time with their Airborne Brothers and increasing their skills are welcome to join us.

We specialize in the MC1-SF10A ( MC-6) round steerable parachute system, and the MC-4 Ram Air parachute system. To date jumpers from over 30 Countries have attended our events.

If you have a group wishing to become qualified or current, we can tailor our services to meet your needs. We offer a private training environment away from public view.

Many of our jumpers go on to conduct Demonstration Commemorative jumps and Airshows around the world with many different groups.

We also Stock over 100 parachute systems ready for sale or rent.

We are NOT a Sky Dive Center open to the public. Although, jumpers qualified in AFF or MFF can get in a skydive or two during our operations.

If you are interested in becoming qualified, or just staying current, we welcome you to contact us at < X35.airborne@gmail.com > or call 352-489-4898.

We look forward to seeing you!